Top Fragrance Lines For Women This Winter

Finding the perfect fragrance at the perfume store can be a fun, enjoyable experience.  However, if you don’t know what the hottest fragrance options are for women this winter, read on to find out. 

One of the most popular fragrance options this year is ‘Organza’ by Givenchy.  You’ll find that this is a delightful floral perfume that combines jasmine with nutmeg, gardenia, ylang-ylang sandalwood and vanilla.


‘Gossip’ by Cindy Adams is another top fragrance this winter.  You will find that this perfume is spicy and woody.  Namely, it contains clove, woody amber and cinnamon in the mixture.  This is the perfect scent to help warm up a cold winter night.


If spice is your thing, then you will find that ‘Cinnamon Bark’ by Demeter is another popular option.  There is only a single note to this fragrance – cinnamon.  You can also combine this fragrance with other scents to make remarkable combinations.


‘Intimately Beckham’ by David and Victoria Beckham is a delightfully sinful winter

fragrance.  The scent combines orange, myrrh and cinnamon, as well as amber and vanilla.  This perfume is light, but seductive and sensual, while still being prefect for the winter season.


If you want an unusual scent this winter, try ‘Brit’ by Burberry.  You will find hints of vanilla and mahogany, as well as almond, pear and lime in this delightful concoction.  This is a lighter choice, but has just enough tang to welcome in the holiday season.

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