What are the Best Electronics for Seniors?

Seniors often have trouble with modern electronics.  In some instances, it is because the technology is not familiar to them.  In other cases, it is because the electronics are too small, too dim or too difficult for seniors to control.  For instance, a miniature MP3 player is probably not going to be a good gift for a senior.  However, there are some ideal electronics out there for older users. Here are a few examples.

ClarityLife C900 Amplified Mobile Phone
This phone offers plenty of volume for those seniors who have problems hearing on a standard cell phone.  In addition, the buttons are larger, making this one of the simplest electronics for seniors to navigate and manipulate.

Ameriphone Wake Assure Super Bright Alarm Clock
This over-sized digital alarm clock is super bright and super large, ensuring that seniors are able to see the display at all times of the day or night.  The alarm is also loud, and the clock even includes a device designed to shake the bed, as well as a flashing light to alert the user.  This is a must have device in the world of electronics for seniors.

Ameriphone Amplified Telephone with "Talk-Back" Numbers
Seniors often have trouble with electronics that have small buttons.  This phone alleviates that problem with over-sized number buttons.  In addition, the buttons talk back when pressed, which is a good thing for those suffering from hearing loss.  The phone also features louder call volumes, helping those with hearing problems get back into the conversation.

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