What to Get Your Mother in Law on Mother’s Day

As frustrating as mother-in-laws can be, they are the ones responsible for giving your true love life, which is something to thank them for.  Although it can be challenging to find a gift for your own mother on Mother’s Day, it can even be more difficult to find one for your mother-in-law!  When you are selecting a gift, it is important to consider all of her interests before you decide what to purchase, so you can score a ‘win’ with your gift rather than winding up in the dog-house (yet again). 

If your mother-in-law loves a particular hobby, look around for classes that can help her improve her skill.  Photography, healthy cooking and even ceramics and pottery-making are offered at community centers, schools and at local libraries.  She’ll love having something to look forward to each week in the form of the class, as well appreciating the thoughtfulness you put into her gift.

Although the way to a man’s heart is said to be through his stomach, a way to a woman’s heart is usually through chocolate!  Soften her up with an assorted arrangement from See’s Candies or Godiva.  If she is a cultured, refined woman, go European on her by offering some yummy Lindt truffles or some Swiss chocolate.  Ask your spouse which flavors she prefers, whether fruity, rich or bitter.  As a general rule older women prefer darker chocolate as milk chocolate can be a little sweet.  Or just look in her fridge for a fast-track way to discovering the exact brand of her secret weakness!

The most appreciated gifts are usually handmade, but that depends on your creativity and ability.  Consider framed photos of pictures of her son taken over the years, a handmade Mother’s day card, or even a knitted blanket.  Websites like Shutterfly.com also have photo albums you can customize for your recipient, which will be prepared and shipped to you for a low cost.

Many women also enjoy Brighton jewelry.  A charm bracelet at this store is a great gift to customize to your mother-in-law’s preferences, and more charms can be added with each holiday.  For a slightly cheaper alternative, visit the jewelry section of your local Macys or department store.  Each season they have sales where they sell off last season’s jewelry at 50% off, so you’ll be sure to find something that will suit her.

If you’re really stuck, consider purchasing a magazine subscription or a few books on a certain topic she has recently mentioned to you.  Consider home, garden and cooking magazines, or even a magazine on a preferred sport or hobby she adores.  You’ll have her smiling in no time!


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