Which Children’s Books Are Best for Boys?

If you have young boys, finding the right books to get them reading can be difficult.  Many books are simply uninteresting to boys who would rather be out in the yard playing games or digging around, and finding the right choices can be tricky.  Let’s look at some children’s books that most young boys will love that can be found at any good bookstore.

When it comes to children’s books for boys, the ‘Hardy Boys’ mysteries have long been among the favorites.  The books themselves are generally rather easy reads, but the ability of the protagonists to find their way into a captivating mystery and to solve it on their own is great for young boys.  These have long been among the most famous children’s books, and many decades later, they are still as popular as they once were.

The ‘Harry Potter’ novels are also popular among young boys.  Unlike the ‘Twilight’ series, which is centered around teen romance, the ‘Harry Potter’ novels center around a young boy struggling to come into his own while getting to play the role of hero.  These are great children’s books for any young boy.

Last, the ‘Eragon’ series is also great for young boys.  These children’s books center around a young man who lost his family but gained the realization that he was destined for life as a dragon rider.  These books are aimed at early teenage boys, and learning that the author was fifteen when it was written has inspired many boys to start writing stories of their own.

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