Why a Rocking Horse Is Not the Best for Children’s Gifts

When looking to give a children’s gifts to little kids, it is common to want to give them something that reminds you of fond childhood memories.  For many people, this can include the rocking horse.  In actuality, however, the rocking horse is on the list of children’s gifts that you do not want to give.  Today, we will look at why you want to avoid this nostalgic present.

While you may have loved your rocking horse as a child, the truth is that they are a common source of injuries in small children.  When shopping for children’s gifts, you want to be certain that you are purchasing something that will be both safe and enjoyable.  When it comes to rocking horses, there are many different ways that children can be accidentally harmed, which is why they aren’t recommended as children’s gifts.

For starters, when you have more than one child, it is not uncommon for them to play near the horse.  When a small child accidentally steps under a rocking horse while it is being ridden, they can experience anything from a minor pinch to broken bones.  Falls are also quite common, as children have a tendency to try to rock the horses too hard.  Older models that have springs to hold the horse in place tend to catch the delicate skin of kids and can actually create very painful pinches, again making them a poor choice for children’s gifts.

Choosing children’s gifts can be hard, and knowing to avoid rocking horses can help you prevent unnecessary injuries.

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