Why Choosing Formaldehyde Free Nail Polish is a Good Health Move

Using nail polish is quite likely to be an important part of your beauty regimen.  However, if you are not using a formaldehyde free formulation for your manicures, you might be causing yourself some serious longer-term health issues. So why should you opt for nail polish that does not contain this ingredient?


First, most people should be at least somewhat familiar with the name formaldehyde.  This chemical is most famous for being used in embalming and body preparation.  This is a toxic chemical, and has been shown to cause cancer in the human body.  Obviously, that is not something that you want to be putting into your body.  Make no mistake, if you use a nail polish that contains this chemical, it can be readily absorbed into your body through your nail bed – the blood-vessel-packed surface that lies beneath your porous fingernails.


However, that does not mean that all other types of nail polish are safe.  For instance, those that are based on solvents release chemical fumes that can be a health hazard if breathed in, while those that contain dibutyl phthalates have been shown to cause birth defects in unborn animals.  Those that are based on petroleum products have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory testing.


What can you do to avoid this frightening picture?  Actually, there are organic nail polish options on the market that can work well as a replacement.  However, before you choose any of these options, make sure that you read the ingredients list, as not all organic products live up to their labeling. 


A bit of research and some careful shopping can help you find nail polish that will keep your nails beautiful, without posing a risk to your health.

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