Why Some People Say the iPod Nano Is too Small

Apple, Inc. has changed the way that the world listens to music with the iPod.  When the media player was first released, there were dozens of other companies racing to release comparable music players at the same time, but none has ever lived up to the hype or the popularity of the iPod.  Over time, Apple, Inc. has found ways to improve upon their original micro media player design.  There is the iPod Touch, which closely resembles the iPhone and allows users to access the Internet through 3G wireless networks.  There is also the iPod Shuffle, which Apple, Inc. developed as a more affordable iPod option.  Lastly, there is the iPod Nano Touch, which is about 1.5 inches square. 

Many believe that Apple, Inc. has gone a bit too far with the latest Nano Touch.  The unbelievably tiny device has drawn some criticism from Apple, Inc. detractors that claim the new iPod is too small.  With a display screen that is barely larger than an adult’s thumb, it is easy to see where these Apple, Inc. detractors are coming from.  This iPod would be easy to toss into the trash or drop through a hole in your pocket the moment you stop paying attention.

Those that believe in Apple, Inc. and the company’s vision claim that this is the best iPod yet and there is definitely an audience for the smaller media playing device.  With dozens of new features, including a video camera, there is no way to deny that Apple, Inc. has the market cornered on cool.

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