Youthful Apparel for Older Women

Are you looking for types of apparel that will help you look ten years younger? If you like the sound of this and if you’re no longer in your teens, you’ll be excited to know that you can combine an energetic and youthful look with a mature beauty that will knock people’s socks off! Here are a few simple apparel tips that you can use to do just that.


Go for Vibrant and Youthful Colors

Colors like light blue, yellow and green have a naturally more vibrant “glow” to them and therefore create the illusion of being more youthful. Just be sure that you don’t wear colors that scream ‘trying too hard,’ such as neon-colored or logo-covered clothing meant for teenagers.

Hip Accessories and Eyewear

This is a pretty big deal. Have you ever seen those ’70s sunglasses with the orange tint? Or worse, do you still wear yours? This outdated fashion accessory can make you look 10 years older! However, if you choose hip looking eye wear, handbags and other accessories, it can have the opposite effect.

Casual but Classy Apparel

Younger women tend to favor more casual apparel, so if you do the same, this will automatically make you look younger. Just make sure you choose apparel which is classy at the same time. More often, this will mean wearing jeans than wearing shorts. T-shirts with a long sleeve button down over-shirt is a nice youthful look. Summer dresses with a pair of tasteful sandals make anyone look young and girlish.

Smile, Smile, Smile

No matter how youthful your apparel is, your expression can make a night and day difference. Your face will age faster if you’re constantly scowling or looking all serious. So smile… a lot.


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