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Why Nascar Races Are Great Family Fun
Taking the kids to the zoo or to your local park can quickly become old, and sometimes it can be challenging trying to find new and creative ways to spend quality family time together.  It's important to think outside the box and consider taking the...
Should You Buy a Used Rental Car?
Are you in the market for a new car? If you are, then you are probably trying to find some ways that you can save on your car purchase.   Many people today are choosing to buy a used car instead of a brand new car, and this might be a grea...
Why You Should Donate Your Used Car To Charity
Do you have a car that still runs, but that you never use?  If so then consider donating your used car to your favorite local charity.  If it starts and is in decent running condition, there are many charities that would greatly appreciate your c...
How to Buy The Best Car to Suit Your Needs
If you are in the market for buying a new car, the first choice is obviously to consider what your most common use of the vehicle will be.  For example, as a family, are you better off with a nice four door car or an SUV?  Both offer room for the ...
What Does the Closure of Pontiac Mean For the Auto Indu...
The economic crisis of recent years has had major impacts on virtually every segment of the market.  Few segments felt the sting of the failing economy quite as hard as the automobile industry, however.   Few people have found themselves ...
Healthcare 101 How To Finance Your Injury Or Accident
Suffering an injury at home or at work can easily put your personal finances at risk. There are several methods you may be able to use to finance your injury and cover the related costs and expenses.   First, consider the nature of the inc...
Suggestions for Financing Your Son’s First Car
So, your son turned sixteen today and you already know what he's expecting. You feel as though it's your parental duty to buy him a new car for his birthday, but there are some things you should stop and think about before you start financing. Re...
Are Domestic or Foreign Used Cars a Better Buy?
When you are looking to purchase a used car from your local classifieds paper or auto dealership, there can be a lot to take into account.  Mileage, condition, accident history, maintenance, and more all weighs into how well a car will perform and h...
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