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What Are Some Great Gifts for Car Lovers?
People who love cars are great because it’s easy to find them great gifts that are totally personal. There are tons of great gifts that you can give someone who likes cars. Here are just a few ideas for great gifts for car lovers.   If y...
How to Trade in Your Old Car For Cash
Do you have an old car that is just sitting in the driveway collecting dust?  Perhaps your old car is ready for the great highway in the sky, and it's time to stop driving it.  If so, then there are several ways that you can trade in your old car...
Why You Should Stick With a Used Car for Your Teenager
Financing a car for yourself is intimidating enough. Now it's your child's turn to drive, and you don't even know where to start. Your best starting point is this question: Do I finance a new car for my child? The answer is no. Financing a new car fo...
Tips to Remember When Purchasing a New or Used Car
Your car is on the fast track to the junkyard, and it's time for an upgrade. You want something shinier and nicer than your ride, but should you look into car financing for a new or a used car? Car financing is a tough decision, whether it's for a...
How to Pick the Best Car Seat for Your Child
If you are a parent, your primary concern will be the safety of your child. Studies have shown that child car seats reduce the chance of an infant being injured or killed in a collision by 71 percent.  That figure stands at 54 percent for toddlers, ...
3 Car Repairs You Should Never Try to Do on Your Own
If you know your way around a basic tool set, there are a number of simple repairs that you can do on your car.  You can take care of all of the easy fixes on your own, such as changing the oil and replacing the wiper blades.   However, s...
Beat the Pump Simple Tips to Save on Rising Gas Costs
Current gas prices have forced people to adjust their budgets.  According to estimates made by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average American drives about 11,806 miles a year.  This equals approximately $2,080 spent on gas at gas s...
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