10 Things to Be Aware of Before Buying a Morkie Puppy

A perfect mixture of components delights everybody, just like colors, arts, music, and designs do. After all, isn’t watching a compatible couple madly in love a treat to the eyes? Mix, match, pair, combine, collaborate are terms that denote joining of two elements to give a resultant product which can be sweet to taste, pleasing to the eyes, warming the heart, and of course, relieving the stress.

One such admirable mix is the Morkie puppies, an adorable mongrel, which is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a purebred Maltese. It has the fur and fluff of a Yorkshire terrier and the cuteness of a Maltese. Now that is a killer combination for any dog lover to avoid.  Morkie puppies are graceful and fun to be with. A Morkie’s prominent characteristic is its energetic barks and its utterly playful nature. One will never get bored with a Morkie around!

Ten things you should know before buying Morkie puppies

Before you dog lovers maneuver to the nearest pet shop and start browsing which color you want your pet to be, there are things you should know as a to-be dog owner. Here is a list of all that you need to know before taking a pet:


Morkie puppies are cute and appear to be meek, but they are quite fussy and never want to budge at the expense of what they love. It is a tough thing to make them listen. Small as they are, they are active and always go their way.


Morkie puppies tend to keep up the pace and can sustain for about 13 years, which is longer than a purebred. It stays around, and hence requires attention.


Morkie puppies are adorably small and weigh less. They are quite the deal for families or as a gift to kids on their birthdays. These dogs are easy to carry around with you.

Damage prone

Their size can land them in trouble in one way or the other. The size of this dog can make it an easy victim to other animals on the street like stray dogs and domestic animals.

Short strolls are how they roll

Considering their size, they don’t require jogs, long walks to keep them healthy and trim. All they need is a short stroll every morning to keep them well.


They eat fewer quantities and don’t require heavy meals like other built dogs. They’re hardly involved in any physical activity and would love to be snuggled in the arms. They eat when hungry and can eat beyond their size, but it isn’t necessary that they require so much to survive. They should be fed at regular intervals to prevent hypoglycemia.

Peace loving

Morkie puppies love silent atmospheres and don’t pick up fights. They like to interact with other pets at home who keep them active.

Fun loving

Morkie puppies love to run around and have fun with people. They go well with children. They are economical on the pocket because of their size.


They are feeble and shouldn’t be squeezed in the name of cuddling. They can die easily of suffocation.

Easily depressed

Though stubborn, they lose heart when ignored or even cared less. It is best to give the attention they deserve.

Tips to take care of your Morkie puppies

Before getting one for yourself, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Clear out all kinds of small objects and toys. Anything your dog can chew on, eliminate it!
  • Since it is a puppy, make your house dog-friendly. Use dog fences and roll out a carpet.
  • Train your dog to go out to relieve themselves. And remember to use a leash as it is very easy for young dogs to run away.
  • Get a comfortable bed for your dog and give the dog some comfortable blankets.
  • Invest in some hair care products for your dogs such as a cleansing shampoo, a dryer and probably a good brush for brushing its hair.
  • Remember to bathe them in every fifteen days to thirty days. And groom their hair once in two days.
  • Check your dog for infections, especially in the eyes and ears. Morkies have long hair, which is why they catch infections easily.
  • Visit a vet every six months for a regular check-up.
  • Keep your dog active.

Growing pets at home is a skill. The owner should develop a close relationship with their companions in order to understand their needs and emotions. This is true when adopting any dog in the market. Morkie puppies, though require more care, aren’t difficult to nurture. These small-sized lovable creatures are playful beings and just need affection which is well justifiable, all kudos to their adorable stature.

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