4 Simple Mind Tricks That Can Help You Lose Weight
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Are you struggling with weight loss and finding that it is harder to achieve than you would like?  There are a few simple mind tricks that can help you achieve your weight loss goals a little easier.  These tricks are very easy to do and can prove more beneficial than you might think.

Drink Coffee With Meals


One simple trick is to finish each meal with a small cup of coffee.  Over time, we teach our brains that a meal should be ended by indulging in sugary snacks.  Teach your brain to learn that coffee is the signal that it is full and you can improve your weight loss.


Hide the Snacks


Another trick is to employ the old saying “out of sight, out of mind.”  Believe it or not, this can be helpful for weight loss.  Instead of keeping snacks on the counter or front and center in the fridge, try keeping them on a high shelf in the cupboard, or in a lower refrigerator drawer, thus decreasing the chances that you will grab them out of convenience.


The ‘Reverse Pavlov’ Trick


When you see a bag of chips, think a negative thought.  Picture the bag of chips as a bloated, overweight form, with little arms and legs sticking out of the corners.  Begin to train yourself to associate anything unhealthy with toxins, diseases, and body fat.  You’ll naturally gravitate towards healthy food items and think of your body as a temple.


Shape Up Your Mental Image of Yourself


Think of yourself as a healthy, fit person, even if you are not.  You’ll be more inclined to take the stairs at work rather than the elevator, try out that trial membership at the gym, and when someone offers you a slice of cake you’ll know a healthy person doesn’t eat a lot of cake, but opts for gelato.  Thought creates reality, so give it a whirl for a few months and see what happens.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

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