5 Foods To Eat When You Are Fighting Lung Cancer

Treating lung cancer can take a toll on your body and mind. Chemotherapy does not only make you weak but also changes your habits, like the way you eat. During your recovery and treatment, it is vital to take a few steps to help you feel better. It is also important to provide your body with the nutrients, so that you are less lethargic.

The treatment can be painful; it leaves your throat tender, making it difficult to swallow any food. As a result, this limits the nutrition intake, which is extremely crucial at this stage. Here are some easy-to-swallow and nutrient-rich foods that you can consume to help fight lung cancer. The chemo diet should ideally include low allergenic and easily digestible foods that boost the immune system.

  • Coconut water

Coconut water is a winner in all aspects when it comes to nutrition. It has more potassium than four bananas and is low in carbohydrates and sodium. Since the process of chemotherapy dehydrates the body, coconut water is the easiest and quickest way to replenish yourself with the lost electrolytes. It has a slightly sweet taste which can be satisfying for your taste buds.

  • Hemp protein

Recently, hemp has been gaining popularity among the medical community for its new-found research-based benefits (with precaution, of course). Hemp protein is considered to be a good plant-based protein as it has all 10 essential amino acids and does not contain phytates, unlike other vegetarian protein sources. It contains two types of proteins: edestin and albumin, which are known to dissolve easily.

  • Bananas

It is an easily digested fruit. Because of its soft texture, it is also easy to swallow and does not hurt the throat. Bananas contain complex carbohydrates that help in quick recovery after the treatment of lung cancer. It is also great for a slight boost in the required energy for that moment. It also has fiber that keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

  • Soups

Eating can be tedious when going through lung cancer treatments, so try consuming vegetable soups instead. You can try potatoes pureed in soup, which add a good taste and texture to the soup. However, when making these soups, ensure that all the vegetables have been boiled, so that they’re soft and easy to swallow. Make sure that they are also finely cut. Additionally, tomato pureed cream soup can be consumed. These soups, apart from providing nutrient benefits of plants, also keep you hydrated.

  • Cacao rich chocolate

It is advised to avoid the consumption of sweets; however, chocolate with high cacao ratio can be a fun yet safe alternative to consume. Cacao powder has a rich supply of magnesium, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. The flavonoids present in cacao are great antioxidants, which reduce damage to the cells, making cacao a safe food for cancer patients. It is also known to lower blood pressure, helping your heart, veins, and arteries to function better.

A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains will be beneficial as it provides a mix of essential nutrients. Eating the right food can make you feel good, which, in turn, can help you recover. The treatment can be stressful, so also include foods that taste good to make yourself feel happy and satisfied.

There are some side effects of the treatment, like nausea and vomiting. As a result, it’s important to consult your doctor who can work with you to suggest a healthy and delicious diet. During difficult times like this, surround yourself with activities that are enjoyable and make you feel upbeat.

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