5 Top Tips to Make Him Melt

Men aren’t that hard to figure out.  Once you know how they work, they can be convinced to do nearly anything, from fixing your faucet to buying you that special dress for your anniversary.  Men primarily react to visual cues as they are much more responsive to external stimulus than internal emotion.  Some confuse this as unintelligent or hard-headed.  But understanding the mind of a man is the key to manipul…er…convincing him to do what you want him to.  If you really want to get his heart racing, follow these simple steps.


Tip 5: Show a Little Public  Affection


By public affection I don’t necessarily mean PDA (public Displays of Affection).  Sometimes PDA can work but I know a lot of men who hate them.  At the right place, say the beach when you two can steal a moment from the crowd or in the theater when everyone else is paying attention to the flick, a little PDA can work wonders.


With Public Affection, you should be as slick as possible so only he is a part of it.  For example, while at a restaurant with friends, you can whisper that you ‘forgot’ to wear underwear or anything along those lines.  Depending on your guy, usually the racier the better.  As a man, I say feel free get downright raunchy, but that may not be your man’s cup of tea.  Whatever you do be sure you can sneak away somewhere private if the timing is right.  Your relationship can only be improved as a result!


Tip 4: Make him think you’re jealous


Men don’t really want their women to be jealous and suffocating.  However a little bit of drama can spice things up.  By jealous I mean the kind where you want to make sure everyone knows he’s your man.  Play this card right by making sure your man knows you are the only one for him and that you can satisfy his every need.  It feels good to be wanted, even needed.  Just don’t go overboard and turn a sexy moment into an hour long accusation.  Be pouting and sexy about it – don’t think he’ll be turned on if you scream at him in public.


Tip 3: Play Dress up


This works best when it’s a surprise.  Before he’s about to go to bed, slip into something naughty that you’ve recently purchased.  Go traditional with a nightie, nurse, or schoolteacher outfit – visit any high street lingerie store and you’ll find plenty to choose from.  Step up your game by going for leather or anything involving props like handcuffs and whips.  In fact, go all out and dress up as a hamster – whatever you think he might like.  It’s not a dress-up competition so don’t go crazy with the makeup, seeing as it will all be coming off again shortly.  As long as he’s getting some action in the end, that’s all that matters.


Tip 2: Share Some Morning Love


Morning love is the eighth wonder of the world.  I’ve never heard of a man turn down breakfast with hot buns.  Had enough bad puns?


There are a few rules with morning loving. First, don’t forget to brush your teeth or at least rinse with mouthwash.  Even though he won’t deny your offers, it puts a damper in the tenderness if you lean in to whisper “I love you” and your breath smells like you just french-kissed a skunk.  While you’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to freshen up with a quick, discrete shower before you wake him.  Smelling like the smokey bar you visited the night before isn’t as sexy as you may think.


Tip 1: Do Something You Hate


Obviously I am not encouraging you to go against your morals or judgment.  I’m talking about going to the ball game he’s been begging to go to all year.  Get a movie rental and watch ‘Bourne Identity 8’ instead of “Effeminate British Dude Realizes Something About Himself and Dates the Hard Working Woman Who Could Pass For a Lesbian” three hour long snooze fest.  He’ll be sure to appreciate it!


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