6 Revealing Questions to Ask Your Man Before Getting Serious

Taking a relationship to the next level is an important thing to do.  However, before you leap forward, there are a few questions that every woman should find a way ask her lover before getting too serious.


A woman should first find out what her significant others idea of a perfect mate might be.  This question should be answered honestly, whether the woman and partner are considering something more permanent or not.  It can help to see just how well the woman measures up to a preexisting ideal.  Unrealistic expectations can lead to problems down the road.


Religion is another big one.  Interfaith relationships can cause big disputes between the family and parents of a couple just a few steps down the line, particularly if one faith is more permissive than the other.


One question that you need to ask (tactfully) as soon as you have an opportunity is whether or not he practices safe sex.  This is incredibly important, as your future health can depend on the answer.  A woman also needs to find out approximately how many sexual partners her significant other has had, and whether or not condoms were used at all times. This one might be tricky to ask until you know the new man well enough, but swallow your pride and ask – better a slightly uncomfortable moment now than an embarrassing trip to the doctor later.


A woman also needs to find out about her significant others debt load.  Is he in serious debt or do they have a good financial situation?  If there is a considerable debt, a woman might think twice before getting too serious.  Debt can be an enormous stressor on a relationship, and can even become the woman’s problem under certain circumstances, such as if the guy loses his job or apartment.


Another thing you should always do is to listen carefully to the way a man talks to his friends in casual conversation.  A trip to the local bar with your new man and his best buds will be very revealing. Many red flags may pop up after a few beers.  Three big no-nos to watch out for are racist language, poor treatment of servers or waiters, and sexist or degrading comments directed towards ex partners or other women at the bar. 


These behaviors indicate a lack of respect towards other cultures, women and people in general, and if all three are present, that is an indication to get away from this new man as fast as possible.  It is a waste of your time to try to ‘train’ or correct him, as this point of view is often passed on from the person’s family and will not change.


Finally, a woman should ask why her significant other broke up with their ex.  This can give clues about future behavior, as well as giving a tremendous amount of information about a person’s character.

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