7 Things to Consider When Buying Yorkie Puppies

If you want an irresistibly cute and heart melting pooch, then Yorkie puppies are meant for you. However, know that although they are adorable and have a petite body, they are not a piece of cake to deal with. Pups of this breed are big dogs that come in small packages, or in this case bodies. They are major attention seekers that will go to any extent to seize the attention of the one they love.

Here are the seven things to consider while buying Yorkie puppies

Playful nature

With an overload of endearing antics, Yorkie puppies are very affectionate and playful pooches that love to get into some mischief from time to time. The pooch may end up soiling your precious carpet or do anything that will grab your attention. Since Yorkshire Terriers have a long history with vermin hunting in factories and coal mines, they are naturally inclined to hunting down squeaky toys as well. If you invest in a squeaky toy, make sure you keep an eye on your pup since it can choose to chew open the toy and swallow small parts such as the squeaker. Also, irrespective of their small size, Yorkshire Terriers need a good amount of exercise and playtime.

Potty training

Yorkie puppies are not only small in size, but they also have a small bladder. They are equally hard to potty train. Therefore, if you live in an area that has a cold and rainy climate, then you need to have a covered potty area that will convince your dog to step outside and take care of his/her business. The best way to get your pup habituated to this process is to reward it with a small treat every time it takes its business outside.

Timely socializing

If socialized well early on, Yorkie puppies tend to be very affectionate towards their people and also behave well around guests. They will still get all the attention they can without getting too annoying. However, if you fail to socialize this breed well, then the result will be an ever-suspicious pup that is excessively yappy and annoying. Every owner needs to dedicate ample time to socializing his puppy during the formative period for primary socialization. A well-socialized Yorkie with sound temperament thrives on quality human companionship and enjoys being pampered.

Petite pups

The skeletal structure of Yorkshire Terriers is fine-boned and fragile when they are young. This makes them prone to injury quite easily. Therefore, if you choose to buy Yorkies for sale, know that you will have to handle them with great care and watch every step you take in their presence to avoid stepping upon or squashing them by accidentally sitting on them. If you have young children at home, then these fragile Yorkie puppies are not suitable for your household.

The “Napoleon complex”

As mentioned earlier, Yorkie puppies are big dogs in small bodies. They often forget the small body aspect and attempt to have a one-on-one with big dogs as they grow older and bolder. The little yappy puppy should be kept on a leash and safe from large dogs since they may land in trouble. This needs to become second nature for any owner of Yorkie puppies.

Good watchdogs

Yorkshire Terriers usually go off like alarms at the slightest sound. This makes the breed great watchdogs. If you are looking for a compact pooch with traits of a watchdog, then a Yorkshire Terrier is the breed for you. However, you may want to control the sharp tongue of your Yorkie. This means you will have to give consistent training and implement gentle rules from the very beginning if you want an obedient pup that will watch your house but not bark at every single car passing by.

Fussy eaters

The Yorkie breed can be quite stubborn and can easily get spoilt. It may soon turn its nose away from the food you give it if it gets used to eating table scraps. If your puppy is not eating the regular kibbles, then you need to take care of its diet. Keep a good watch on your pet pooch and take necessary steps such as regular visits to the vet to prevent hypoglycemia which is a potentially fatal condition that toy and teacup breeds are prone to.

So, if you are on your way to a Yorkies sale and can’t wait to buy yourself a cute little fur ball, taking a moment to consider the points above will only pay off in the long run. See to it that you have a suitable environment to provide for this breed. The care you take of your Yorkshire pup will only be returned multiplied. So, be prepared for love at first bite!

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