Advantages and Disadvantages of Bottled Water

Water is one of the five basic elements of nature that is a vital resource for everyday living. While too much of it and too little of it, are both dangerous for health, ensuring the body gets enough every day is important. And what better way to do that than get it delivered right to your home or office? Bottled water delivery is a major convenience that you can count on to stay hydrated. Whether you need water to carry to the gym or yoga class, to the swimming pool or soccer game, on your road trip across the country or you want to simply sip some of this precious liquid at the end of a satisfying meal, purified bottled water is delivered in 5-gallon returnable water cans or in large cases of half liter bottles. You could just flip the big water cans over a dispenser and fill glasses of water as and when required, or simply pick up a couple of smaller bottles on your way out.

Procuring fresh clean drinking water at an affordable price is no longer a hassle. With companies such as Culligan Water, Poland Spring, Dasani, Aquafina, Sparkletts, Crystal Springs, Ready Refresh, Diamond Springs, Deer Park, Evian, Water Guy, Mountain Valley Spring Water, and numerous other bottled water manufacturer or distributor very conveniently offering home and office bottled water delivery at your doorstep, ensuring that this modest liquid stays your favorite beverage to sip throughout the day is not difficult. As a healthier alternative to sodas, coffee or tea, water cleanses the internal organs of the body, especially the kidneys and the liver. The advantages of business water delivery are:

  • Increased efficiency: This natural body temperature regulator keeps the people who work for you cool and well hydrated. This means they are more energetic and that translates to increased productivity at work. Increased hydration also improves memory, alertness, and concentration. Most importantly, midday fatigue, a major symptom of dehydration, is avoided.
  • Easy portability: Access to safe drinking water with business water delivery means employees can easily drink in one or more cups of bottled water whenever they feel like it and not bother to carry these from home. Since home and office bottled water delivery is ensured, their focus is on the work entrusted to them without worrying about the availability of water. Time is not wasted filling in bottles of water or heading out to shops to purchase water when bottled water delivery is assured via water coolers in offices, thus keeping distractions at bay.
  • Unlike regular tap water, bottled water is treated and put through filtration processes that remove toxins and made fit for human consumption. So clean, great tasting water is made available for drinking for everyone with home and office bottled water delivery. Taking short water breaks from work encourages employees/family to interact with each other.
  • Business water delivery of this bottled gold that is necessary for man’s survival, distributed to water dispensers, drinking fountains, and coffee makers in offices shows the care that companies have for their employees’ health and well-being. Especially in times of natural disasters when access to clean drinking water is difficult, water delivery to homes and offices is a life saver.

The many disadvantages of home and office bottled water delivery are:

  • Cost: The entire process of purifying, bottling, advertising, transporting and storing bottled water is expensive.
  • Health risks: Home and office bottled water delivery, while certainly convenient, is not necessarily healthy. BPA in the plastic containers used for storing water seeps into the ‘purified’ drinking water and is ingested by people. And, in hot places where the bottled water is exposed to direct sunlight when in storage or during delivery, the risk is much higher.
  • And, while in some cases bottled water is actually treated and filtered, most of the times it is just tap water – packed in plastic bottles. So the quality of water is not always certain.
  • A successful home and office bottled water delivery company means that the exploitation of groundwater at the sourcing point is high, and the use of natural resources in the bottling unit also poses environmental hazards.

Whether it is the delivery of bulk amounts of bottled water in big cans or smaller easy to store and use bottles, timely water delivery service by many water distribution companies is only a phone call away. But think clearly about the advantages and disadvantages of bottled water and water delivery before taking the next step.

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