All You Need to Know about German Shepherd Puppies

As the name says it all, German shepherd puppies were an origination from Germany; this breed was core to war and military purpose in the past. Known for its intelligence and strength, they were specifically bred to be guard dogs. One of the most versatile breeds, German shepherd puppies have earned a huge popularity in the country compared to others for its capability as a working dog and a faithful friend. And for their unmatched intelligence, German shepherd dogs have been widely used in the country to guard flocks against any danger. The puppies are a bit suspicious of strangers and so a lot of socialization is a part of the upbringing.

German shepherd puppies are popular though, yet not seen enough in the country for its careful consideration to be taken either for work or family. Though from Europe, many German shepherd puppies are bred in the country that is distinctly different from European breeds. As per the American Kennel club rankings, German shepherd stands out two in the list for its sharp intellect and loyalty. Not to forget, the very famous rin-tin-tin was the hall of fame in Hollywood film industry for its contribution in more than twenty films. It’s none other than a German shepherd puppy that was transported from a war to the world of glitz and glamour. The German shepherd dog club of America is one wiki on its own that talks about the history of finding and raising one and everything that you need to know about these little athletes. In case you are thinking to get one of these lovely pups to your place, the following points could help you to decide:

  • Extremely protective and possessive of the family, German Shepherds are wary of everything that’s strange and so they are 24/7 protective
  • Great shedders, they can turn the hardest place extremely silky and soft with a thick layer of fur and hair
  • German Shepherd puppies are extremely active and highly energetic. These pups are one active lot and need a lot of playtime and stimulation.
  • They don’t even leave a day without going social.
  • German Shepherd puppies are curious to know what’s happening all the time be it’s about them or others
  • Mental stimulation is a part and parcel of their regular exercise
  • If you are a first-time dog owner, be careful if you are going for a German shepherd puppy as they can show some behavioral tantrums. A professional trainer may be a good option.
  • Landlords are equally wary of this breed particularly. This might be a hurdle yet can be sorted with a well-trained one.
  • Don’t buy a puppy from online and pet store. Breeders, animal shelters, and German Shepherd rescuers are good places to look out for.
  • German shepherd puppies ever abused should not be the first option and indeed must be avoided.
  • The long coated black German Shepherd puppy is a wonderful idea to get hold of
  • Nutrition should be on the checklist to raise a healthy dog

You must check the American Kennel club breeders as they are regulated by the group, yet talking to a breeder directly comes with a better assurance of finding a healthy German shepherd puppy. The breeders are always in a better position to explain all the whereabouts of the puppy including the medical information, social behavior and its characteristics. Essentially finding a prospective seller is the answer to the perfect German shepherd puppy. You may also consider getting one from local vets, dog groomers or from German shepherd dog owners. Also ensure that the breeder has dewormed the little one before you go buy one. The Puppy finder is one excellent source to vet for verified ID puppies. The American Kennel Club is another marketplace to find the best suited you are looking for. And for all those who wish to adopt one, adopt a pet is the place to look for. Buying from a reputed breeder will cost anything between $300 and $900 condition to certain factors. The adoption charge for a German shepherd puppy is generally around $325. Additionally, getting one from an animal shelter will cost as less as $100to $200. Rescue puppies will cost you a meagre $75 and 500$ from non-kill shelter.

In a gist, do your homework to get the best fitment either for your family or work. Their loyalty and vigor has earned enormous highlights in the history of guard dogs. And over the years, this breed of puppy has consistently topped in the charts of popular dog breeds. All this and so many good reasons are enough to welcome a German shepherd puppy in your lives. The first impression of this little fragile yet strong personality is bound to last for years to come and for its unmatched quality and nobility.

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