Can Lack of Sleep Affect Your Overall Wellness?

Your wellness depends a great deal on how much sleep and rest you get. While much of sleep remains a mystery, doctors and researchers know that your body heals during periods of sleep and relaxation.

Your overall wellness is impaired by lack of sleep, so it’s important to get as much shut-eye as possible. If you have trouble sleeping, your physician can refer you to a sleep clinic to see if there is an underlying reason for your insomnia. Most people don’t get enough sleep because they’re either too busy, or because they simply cannot relax enough at night; causing their overall wellness to suffer. 

How important is your wellness to you? If you don’t have time to get enough rest, relaxation, and sleep, it may be time to make it a priority. You’ll either have to recruit help to take away some of your daily activities, or perhaps you’ll have to make lifestyle changes. Your wellness is worth it.

For better sleep at night, be sure to block out light with curtains and block noise with the whirring of a fan. Remember, a worn mattress can also contribute to poor sleep and affect your overall wellness.

If you do not get enough sleep, you can take naps, but they should be limited to 20 or 30 minutes. If your naps are any longer, they’ll interfere with your sleep and backfire on your plan to improve your wellness.

Personal wellness is about taking time for you – it’s not selfish, it’s just good common sense. Your loved ones can’t function if you’re not functioning, so make your wellness your number one priority.

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