Colon Cleansers Weight Loss Wonder or Waste of Money?

If you are trying to lose weight fast, you will find that stores have a number of products that purportedly offer the fast results you are seeking.  Everything from caffeine laden diet pills to various supplements and gadgets that swear they can simply melt fat away. 


One thing that is surprisingly popular is the colon cleanse.  There are literally hundreds of colon cleansers flooding shelves of health food stores today, but can they really help with weight loss?

A colon cleanser has a simple enough premise – you take in a lot of water along with the powder, pill, or liquid, and before long you are dumping the entire contents of your digestive system, flushing excess foods and toxins from the body.  So is this really an effective weight loss strategy? 

One thing that you should know is that a colon cleanse certainly will provide initial weight loss, but this is not necessarily a sign that it is doing you some deep-down good.  Instead, it is a sign that you are quickly eliminating large amounts of water from your body.  Water is heavier than fat, so that accounts for your apparent ‘fast’ weight loss. 


In fact, most colon cleanse products can quickly dehydrate you.  This looks great when you step on the scales, but provides zero long term weight loss, as once you drink enough water, the weight will instantly return.

In truth, your digestive system is incredibly effective and will push these so called ‘toxins’ out on its own in a much safer manner.  That is your colon’s primary job, it doesn’t need any extra help unless you are very constipated.  Proper weight loss is best achieved through simple diet and exercise changes.  A colon cleanser can not only cause dehydration, but it can upset the balance of flora and helpful bacteria within the digestive tract. 


When you need weight loss that works, speaking with your doctor about better eating and exercise habits is always the best choice.

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