Combating the Cold and Flu and Other Tips for Children’s Health

Because of their developing immune systems, children are highly susceptible to viral infections, otherwise known as the common cold or the common flu.  Here are some natural remedies to help your child with both. 

Have your child blow his or her nose as often as possible and resist the urge to sniff.  The runny nose a sick child experiences will make nose blowing easier.  To avoid pressure pains, have him or her put a finger over one nostril and blow gently to clear the second nostril.  Make sure your child washes his hands afterward. Clean hands are a must, so as not to exacerbate the illness.

To treat a sore throat, have your child gargle with warm (not hot) salt water four times every day.  You could also add honey, lemon juice or raspberry puree to the liquid.  It also helps if your child drinks hot water instead of lukewarm water during this time.  Hot water helps to relieve a child’s nasal congestion, and also protects against dehydration. 

Your children’s health can also be improved by heightening your child’s sleeping position.  Put extra blankets under his or her head; this helps the drainage of the nasal passages.

It’s best to avoid using medications unless absolutely necessary.  You might buy a child’s dosage of cold or flu medication if the child is complaining about fever or intense pain. Stay observant and make sure your child gets plenty of comfort and rest.  The natural way to beat a cold or flu is still the best!

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