Do You Really Need to Hire a Personal Trainer to Lose Weight?

For most people, losing weight is an uphill battle.  From television advertisements promoting products that seem ridiculous (Shake Weights), to plastic surgery, and even your Aunt Edna’s advice on eating pomegranates all day, one can drown in the unsolicited advice.  One day eating carbs is good for you, the next day it’s bad.  If you are losing weight, how do you even know where to begin?

The easiest, and best answer to losing weight the healthy way is to hire a personal trainer.  If you’ve never used a trainer, you probably think it’s a waste of money, because who wants to feel demeaned and be yelled at?  However, just because you see boot camp programs on The Biggest Loser, it doesn’t mean you have to hire a trainer who isn’t positive and motivating.


Trainer Benefit #1: Knowledge

When losing weight, the largest benefit of having a personal trainer guide you is their knowledge.  They are certified in Nutrition and Fitness, so they are aware of what works and what is just a fad.  Experienced personal trainers should have previous successful clients, so it’s essential to do a background check to confirm their credibility.  It’s also a good idea to call your local gym for recommendations on their best trainers.


A personal fitness trainer will start by teaching you about nutrition and exercise, then design a program that suits your body and lifestyle the best.  Besides losing weight, you will gain valuable knowledge of how your body works from a source you can trust.


Trainer Benefit #2: Avoiding Injury


Beyond losing weight, personal trainers help you to avoid injury by instructing you on the proper forms and positions when working out.  Exercises improperly performed can lead to major injuries, especially in the spinal cord, joints, and muscles.


Trainer Benefit #3: Maximizing Results


Losing weight is hard enough without worrying about anything else.  Personal trainers will help you maximize your results by creating a proper plan.  For example, did you know that working out in the mornings before your meal results in more weight loss than eating the same exact meal before the workout?


Tips like that are worth their weight in gold, but it’s probably more fair to say fat. 


Trainer Benefit #4: Discipline


The hardest part about losing weight is discipline.  When you put your money into something, you are more likely to finish it.  It will also help that your personal trainer will track your progress, and tweak workouts and diets, as needed.  Although it’s hard to stay motivated when working hard and giving up your favorite junk foods, your trainer will keep you thinking positively.


When looking for a personal trainer, the best advice would be to choose someone that looks the way you want.  If your goal is to lose weight, you want someone who has experience getting skinny and toned.  If they can do it for themselves, then they are more likely to help you through their own personal experience.  When losing weight, you also want a personal trainer that fits your personality.  Some people need to be pushed and even yelled at, others prefer silent assistance and positive reinforcement.


Whatever your goals, losing weight is hard work.  Getting a personal trainer will make it that much easier. They will help you structure a workout and a diet, as well as keep you working toward your goals.

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