Donate Your Hair to a Needy Cause Through Locks of Love

Many medical conditions and treatment options cause hair loss.  In an adult, this can be bad enough.  When hair loss is experienced by children, there can be enormous ramifications, from low self-esteem to ridicule from other children and even from adults.  Generally, the way to treat hair loss is by using a hairpiece.  However, for children from disadvantaged families, this is not usually an option due to the cost of human hair.


Organizations like Locks of Love have stepped in to provide important assistance to children from families without the resources to purchase these hair pieces.  This program allows you to donate your own hair, which will then be made into a hairpiece and given to a needy child suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition, from a family unable to provide this on their own.


By donating your hair to Locks of Love, you help give children the sense of self-confidence and security they need.  You also help provide a sense of relief for families who are unable to do this through their own means. Locks of Love accepts almost all types of hair, from colored and permed hair to hair cut long ago but stored as a ponytail or braid.  However, bleached hair is not usable, nor is hair that has been swept up from the floor and not braided.


Locks of Love requires that hair be donated in a braid or ponytail – which can be as simple as a quick braid and cut with a pair of scissors at your local salon.  Simply mail your hair in a package to the program’s headquarters. It’s that easy.

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