Essential Exercise Equipment for Your Home Gym

If you’d like to start working out at home, you need to start with the right equipment.  A simple walk, run, or jog can be a great way to stay in shape, but it uses few overall muscle groups and studies show that most people don’t stick with these regimens when bad weather or extreme temperatures strike.  If you are serious about your exercise regimen, purchasing or leasing the equipment discussed here from a sporting goods store is a great idea.

No exercise routine would be perfect without an exercise bike or an elliptical machine.  Overall, exercise bikes offer a more intensive workout, but ellipticals offer the benefit of impact free exercise, which is better for the joints.  Unless you are training for a marathon or other high impact competition, an elliptical can be the safer bet.  After all, this equipment is only intended as a warm-up to get your blood pumping and flowing through the rest of your workout.

A weight bench or weight machine is also recommended.  The best way to build muscle and lose weight concurrently is with an exercise plan that combines cardio and weight training.  With the right weight equipment, you can get all of your muscles into perfect shape. 

While there are many options when building yourself a great home gym, these are the two most essential pieces of exercise equipment. When you change your diet to include small meals throughout the day, pick up a great cardio routine to start each day, and follow up with weight training to target different muscles each day, you will find that home exercise can be highly effective in helping you slim down or bulk up to your heart’s content – and all in the comfort of your own home.

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