Five Foods Children Should Not Eat Often

Children have sensitive stomachs and delicate digestive systems. In addition, there may be a link between junk food and hyperactivity. Choosing a healthy diet is essential. Here are five foods to avoid when shopping for family meals.

Avoid Sugary Products
Children want them, but it is for good reason that these foods are banned in healthy homes. Studies have shown that parents can reduce ADHD symptoms by eliminating as many sugar products as possible.

Avoid Fat and Bad Carbs
Fat in combination with simple carbohydrates is a big no-no. The body has difficulty breaking down fats from fried foods, processed foods and fast food—even more so when a child’s digestive system isn’t fully developed.

Cow’s Milk
Wait, doesn’t milk do the body good? In moderation. Cow’s milk contains protein that can be difficult for children to digest, since they have not fully developed enough enzymes. As young children grow older, they may be able to handle milk, but even so, stick with healthier organic milk free of artificial hormones or consider soy or almond milk in conjunction with your pediatrician’s advice.

Nuts are a choking hazard to children under 4. Nut allergies are also a concern, so watch for any possible reactions. Even if your children are over 4, don’t let them eat nuts while running or playing as this may lead to choking.

Raw Veggies
Raw diets are ideal for adults. Children under 4 years of age on the other hand will have difficulty chewing and digesting raw vegetables. Raw veggies are also a choking hazard at this age. Ask your pediatrician for advice when your child is five or older for the best way to steadily introduce raw veggies into their diet.

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