Foods That Reduce Anxiety and Improve Health

Many people experience mild forms of the condition known as anxiety, but for some people, the problem can be so severe that it makes them afraid to even leave their homes.  So what can be done to limit or reduce the symptoms of anxiety?

Diet plays a major role in anxiety, and any doctor will be quick to tell you to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugar due to their ability to induce the problem or make it worse.  Here are some foods that can actually help to reduce it:

  • Tuna
    Tuna is great food for reducing anxiety.  It is packed with thiamin, which promotes healthy nerve function, as well as vitamin B6, which helps to manufacture serotonin in the brain.  Serotonin is essential for coping with anxiety and panic attacks.  Tuna also offers B19, which supports the nervous system, niacin for releasing excess energy and blood sugar, and alpha-linolenic acid, which can help significantly reduce panic attacks.
  • Cheese
    Another great food to help calm anxiety is cheese.  Cheese offers calcium, which is excellent for nerve and muscle health as well as lowering the blood pressure.  It also contains biotin, which helps the body to properly use sugar, especially during times of anxiety or panic.
  • Turkey
    Turkey offers folic acid, which is essential not only to handling anxiety but to dealing with depression as well.  It also contains vitamin B6 as well as niacin.

These three foods are excellent anxiety fighters, because of the vitamins and nutrients that they contain.  Finding foods rich in these nutrients and incorporating them into your diet can work wonders for your anxiety symptoms.

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