How Life Alert Medical Alarms Protect the Elderly
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For elderly individuals, the necessity for medical care in the event of an emergency can often mean needing to be placed in a nursing facility even though they are completely independent and are able to go about their daily activities as normal.  Medical problems and mobility issues can create potential threats to life in the elderly and infirm, and Life Alert has created medical alarms that can help keep the people you love safer.

Life Alert is a unique device that can be worn on a pendant or bracelet.  The device is linked to a call center, and when a patient presses the button on the pendant, the Life Alert company is immediately called.  They can dispatch a fire truck, an ambulance, the police, or even contact your doctor to get you help immediately.  They also have access to a comprehensive list of an individual’s medical problems and medications.  With Life Alert, patients are always a button’s press away from help.

For many people, Life Alert makes the difference between being able to live at home or being moved to a skilled care facility or assisted living facility.  Life Alert offers more than just a pendant or bracelet, however.  They also offer monitored fire and carbon monoxide alarms and even cell phones designed specifically to call 911.


Protecting yourself is important, and when you are at risk of a fall, stroke, or heart attack, the ability to get help immediately can save lives.  Life Alert is an excellent option for elderly and infirm individuals who need to be certain that they always have access to the help they need.

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