How to Age Like Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is the envy and bewilderment of women and men alike.  She is in her early 40’s and doesn’t appear to have aged one day since her first appearance on the TV show ‘friends.’


Yes, she has millions of dollars and personal chefs, personal trainers, nippers, tuckers, botoxers and other specialists at her fingertips, but even if she has had enhancement done, it’s not much, and she is aging as naturally and as beautifully as they come.  But, like other celebrities, such does have some tricks to keep the years at bay.

Here are some beauty and style secrets of Jennifer Aniston that you can use to look as age-defying as this sunkissed starlet, and the other prancing ponies of Hollywood.

The Hair

Sporting one of the most copied hairstyles known to man, Jen hasn’t strayed far from her infamous ‘Rachel’ mane in the last decade.  Although she has added some length to the layers, she keeps her locks wispy and flowing, and those beachy highlights open up her blue eyes and help her skin to glow. 


Keeping the same hairstyle and color, or within close variation to the one you wore in your younger years, really does keep your face looking more youthful.  Just look at Cindy Crawford and grandmother (gasp) Goldie Hawn.

Skin Care

There is a reason Jen’s skin looks so dewy all the time.  She has been quoted as saying that moisturizer is her best friend, and it should be yours, too.  When your skin is moisturized and properly hydrated, it will glow naturally, which means you can get away with wearing minimal makeup—another trademark of Jen’s.  Also, make sure to use a moisturizer that has SPF in it.  This will help prevent sun damage and add life to your skin.


Although Jennifer Aniston probably does multiple private workouts with her personal trainer daily, it is the kind of exercises she does that helps her keep a toned, youthful figure.  An admitted Bikram yoga and pilates enthusiast, these forms of exercise are great ways to elongate the muscles in the arms and legs, firm and lift the booty, and increase flexibility.  A long and graceful figure can take years off any body naturally.


Jen is a long-time fan of the Zone diet, which consists of eating 40% carbs, 30% fat, and 30% protein.  Although diets are not one-size-fits-all, rationing out your daily percentage according to the Zone diet has been touted as a good practice to follow for overall health, not necessarily weight loss (but with a body like Jen’s, who needs to lose weight?).


Above all else, limit your intake of simple sugars and eat an abundance of nutrient and antioxidant rich food, including dark green leafy veggies and whole wheat grains.  These foods have been proven to slow the aging process and will keep your skin and body looking (and feeling) its best.


Pay attention to Jen’s wardrobe, including the colors and styles she wears, and you’ll see it makes a huge difference in her youthful appearance.  Jen always wears neutral colors with little to no patterns or prints, and keeps clothing nicely tailored—nothing baggy, layered or oversized.  Now, with a perky figure like hers, it’s hard not to make any piece of clothing look young and hip, even a formal gown.  But keep the style and colors of your clothing neutral and simple, and your figure will look more youthful naturally.

Take these beauty and style tips of Jen’s and apply them to yourself.  You can look and feel more youthful, no matter your age (or your budget).

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