How to Attract an Honest Man
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Finding a jerk is easy.  Just step into any bar, throw a ball in the air and whoever it hits is usually a jerk.  Attracting an honest man is a whole different story, because they are seemingly few and far between.  By honest, I am talking about a caring, sensitive (but not too sensitive), and genuine person who is not interested in playing games.

How to Attract an Honest Man


To attract an honest man, you have to have complimentary characteristics – basically you have to be an honest women in order for the relationship to last.  Think about what type of person you are and who you are compatible with.  You shouldn’t change your character for anyone but yourself.  However, upon reflection if you really do want to be an honest person you can decide to give up some transgressions or take steps to be a better individual.


Honest men are usually attracted to well-rounded and intelligent women.  So brush up on your Kant or finish your degree.  If you are currently in college, you are a step ahead of the game.


Be unique and creative.  If you know how to play an instrument, oil-paint, or dance then hone these qualities.  If you don’t have any special skill, then try developing an interest of yours.  It can be anything from riding horses to playing basketball.  Honest men respect individual talents and tastes.

Steps to Attracting Your Man:


Step #1: Have a goal. 


Honest men are usually hard working men because they appreciate their position in life and are always striving for improvement.  If you are unmotivated and jobless, then unless you have a very good reason for your position in life (such as a physical disability), then realize that you basically have nothing to show for yourself.  Whether it’s getting a career, learning a new sport, or winning the title of champion basket weaver, you must have a goal that you are trying to achieve if you want to attract a man.


Step #2: Look in the right places.


If you spend your weekends at an alcohol drenched dance club or at a smoky bar in a short skirt trying to get guys to pick you up, you need to switch up your venues.  Honest men are busy doing honest things.  Check out a bookstore or at a college campus.  One of the best places to meet an honest man is at a religious institution.  Be careful going guy-hunting at a church though – make sure your intentions are in the right place.  You don’t want to get busted by the minister after drooling over one of the choir singers.

Step #3: Look at Yourself.


The way you carry and dress yourself can dictate what types of guys you attract.  A girl in a cheetah-print backless shirt with a leather skirt will end up attracting that Guido from the pseudo-Italian bar, not Mr. Charming.  Command respect by dressing conservatively.  Honest men are more interested in your personality and long-term compatibility over spray tans and plastic breasts.  Nicely fitting jeans with a clean, fashionable top is more than enough to attract the average man.


Step 4: Look for an Honest Man Already in Your Life.


Why are you thinking hat your ideal man will be a stranger?  Every man has the potential to be an honest person, just like everybody has the potential to be good.  You may already have an honest man in your life but have not noticed.  A good way to get an honest man is to ask your friends.  One of your friends is bound to know a good man out there and would be willing to set you two up.


Remember that finding the right person may take time. Be patient and soon enough you will find Mr. Right.



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