How To Be a Role Model

With the influx of political scandals and celebrity misbehavior, the world is in desperate need of good role models.  People who have gained recognition for their unbelievable talents and painstaking work have blown their opportunities by tarnishing their credibility and image with non-role model behavior, such as drinking, drugs, bad behavior and adultery…..  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Elliot Spitzer, the list goes on and on. 


People held in high esteem have a large influence in their communities and thus are held to higher standards than the average citizen.  Everyone is responsible for their actions and should be accountable for the choices they make.


You may not be famous, but your influence extends to at least hundreds of other people – from those in line with you at the grocery store, to your close relatives.  Even if you don’t notice, your actions affect those around you. Have you ever had your day ruined by the stranger who cut you off and almost caused an accident on your way to work, or had your week transformed when the old man behind you at the store paid for your groceries when you discovered you’d forgotten your wallet at the checkout?


Setting a good example is a great way to contribute to society on a practical level, and is also a great way to earn good Karma points.

Inspire by Example


To be a good role model, pay attention to your actions at all times.  Avoid expressing your frustration by yelling.  If you throw trash out your car window or cut people off while driving, you are setting a bad example.  Be chivalrous and courteous; open doors and offer your seat to others.  Simple actions often have large results.


People associate the way you conduct yourself with your success.  If you are particularly wealthy or influential and you constantly belittle others, then people will think you got where you were by being a jerk, and will treat you like one.  Show respect and dignity for others by appreciating their value.  Don’t assume you are better than anyone else, instead treat others as equals.

Inspire Through Your Relationships With People


Try to fix any bad habits you may have with regards to the way you treat other people.  Do you do or say things that aren’t productive?  Do you treat others with respect?  Are you generally kind to people around you?  The way you approach your relationships with others also has a strong influence in people who look up to you.  If you are married and you express your love for your wife, others will be impacted by your devotion and may strive to do the same.


Being a mentor to others is a great way to positively influence their lives.  You can coach a sport at your local Boys and Girls Club, or give advice to a new employee.  Go volunteer at an animal shelter, or become a penfriend to an orphan in a war-torn country.  Getting actively involved in the success of others is one of the best ways to be a role model.

Inspire Through Your Words


Your words also have a huge impact on those around you.  Try to be positive and optimistic whenever possible.  The world is filled with stress and disappointment, so any words of encouragement can turn someone’s day around. 


Studies show that  smiling at another person psychologically makes them happier.  This in turn influences those around them, and so on.  A small positive action can produce a butterfly effect, and so therefore the reverse is also true – it is said that a single flap of a butterfly’s wings in one state can turn into a hurricane in another.


By being a good role model, you are increasing the value of other’s lives, as well as improving the community you live in.  As a result, you will be a more virtuous and happy person.


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