How to Control Weight by Counting Calories

When you are looking to lose extra weight, one thing that you are often told to do is to count calories.  Many diet books and advice columnists ask you to count and monitor the number of calories that you take in.  Unfortunately, counting calories involves more than this.  If you want  to lose weight, you need to be counting the calories you burn off, as well.

The only way to lose weight successfully is to burn off more calories than you take in.  Period.  There is no secret drug that will melt fat away, and no pill is going to make your thighs disappear while you sleep.  If you want to lose weight, start counting calories coming in and burning off.  When the latter number is higher than the former, you will lose weight.

Counting calories properly should involve speaking with a nutritionist who can help you understand how many calories your body is burning off in an average day.  This will let you know the minimum number of calories you should eat to stay healthy.  From here, calculate how much exercise you intend to do and how many calories you intend to burn off.  This is how you make counting calories work for you.

While it might be nice to think that counting only the calories you eat is all you need to do to lose weight, this is simply not the answer.  Counting calories means counting intake and output, and it also means working hard to burn off more than you take in every day  to reach your goals.

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