How to Cure Constipation Quickly and Cheaply

Do you have a sedentary job or get very little physical activity? If so, you are at greater risk for ongoing problems with constipation. Constipation is directly related to inactivity and is a major indicator of a sedentary lifestyle.

You’ve heard of eating prunes for constipation, but physical activity may be all that you need. Exercise gets everything moving in your body, including your digestive process. Physical activity forces your food to move more quickly through your body.

Fortunately, extreme physical activity is not necessary to relieve constipation. A simple, light exercise problem should be all that you need to incorporate into your day to resolve your issue. However, it’s important that you not exercise right after a large meal, as that will not actually help. Rather, you are advised to wait at least 60 minutes after eating before engaging in any form of exercise.

The key is finding a workout routine that you enjoy. You’re more likely to stick to a yoga program if you like gentle movements or a cycling program if you enjoy biking. You’ll not only cure your constipation but look and feel better overall.

To best treat constipation, you can exercise any time during the day (except right after meals). Doctors typically recommend 30 minutes of exercise five or more days a week. No matter how long you exercise, some activity is better than none. Once you get moving, you may find that your battle with digestive problems are finally over.

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