How to Date a Younger Man and Keep Him Interested
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Ever since Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher, the rage has been for women everywhere to date younger men.  Traditionally, it’s been the other way around, but times are changing.  It can be difficult to date a younger man, especially with women being more mature than men, but every so often, it can work and work out beautifully.

Exude Confidence in Your Relationship

If you constantly draw attention to the fact that your man is younger than you, and act like you’re a little embarrassed by his age, then your man will wonder why you’re dating him.  Act like the strong, amazing woman that you are, and it won’t matter if he’s younger; your man will feel lucky to be with you either way.  A lack of self-confidence is extremely unattractive, for both sexes, so it’s important to be proud of your relationship in order to keep your guy’s respect.

Keep Current in Your Interests

In order to have things to talk about with your younger man, be sure to stay current with what’s going on in technology, the movies and popular culture.  Watch TV (not just the sitcom reruns you liked when you were his age) and read current magazines.  Be aware of the things that your boyfriend is interested in, and read up on them online so at least you can have a basic discussion about them.  You’re only as old as you feel, and not being able to work your boyfriend’s smartphone, or enjoy the obscure indie band he just discovered, isn’t the way to a long and happy future together.

Dress Appropriately


Even if your younger beau is open with his friends about your exact age, there’s nothing more embarrassing than that you ‘flaunting your age’ by openly admitting to not knowing who lady Gaga or Rebecca Black is, or showing up to a night out at the local dance club wearing a Van Halen T-shirt.  Have at least a little cultural awareness, and dress appropriately for the occasion rather than waving your age in people’s faces. 


Don’t Try Too hard


On the other hand, beware of going OTT in your attempts to blend in with your boyfriend’s age group.  If you’re over thirty years old, it will never be okay for you to wear pajama jeans or boyfriend pants, wear neon colored hair extensions or sport Goth-style makeup.  If you want to impress your boyfriend’s friends then dress classy and timeless, not like a fashion victim.


At the end of the day, the advice that will keep you happy while dating a younger man will serve you in any relationship: be your best self, stay classy, and keep up-to-date on the latest conversation topics in the news, sport, music and the movies.

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