How to Detect Skin Cancer Early This Article Could Save Your Life
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Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world today, and it is also very dangerous if left untreated.  There are many things that you can do to help lower risk and improve early detection.  If you have developed a mole that seems suspicious, it is certainly important to keep an eye on it and look for changes regularly. 


Today, we will look at the “ABC Method” for checking moles on your skin.

A is for Asymmetry


Checking your mole for asymmetry is one of the first steps in determining if you should have it looked at.  Is one side shaped differently than the other?  If the mole is not symmetrical, you will want to have it looked at by a physician.

B is for Border


Looking at a mole’s border is also important.  Check to see if the border is irregular, raised, flatter than the rest of the mole, or indistinct.  If any of these are true, then you will want to have a doctor examine the mole.

C is for Color


Color is also crucial when it comes to a mole.  If your mole has more than one color, or is darker or lighter in some areas, you should certainly have it looked at right away.  Changes or variances in color should always be taken as something to be concerned about.

Caring for your skin starts by examining all moles and lesions carefully and frequently.  Speak with a health care professional if you have a mole that is concerning you, and ensure that you have your skin checked over at least once a year.  Early detection is the best way to prevent cancer. 


Consult your dermatologist if you see any changes that worry you, for the best chance of early detection and successful treatment.  This simple step could save your life.

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