How to Encourage Children to Get More Exercise

As a parent, you naturally want your children to be healthy and physically fit.  Unfortunately, in this age of video games and television, this can be a harder task than ever before.  Here are a few things that you can do to get your kids up and moving, while still having fun. 

Pushing your children to exercise is an almost surefire recipe for disaster.  If you treat it as work or as a necessity, the odds they will find it enjoyable are slim.  Instead, try encouraging your kids to try out for local sports teams or to engage in outdoor activities with their friends.  Set up games that will get them running or riding bikes, and make it enjoyable.  Offer prizes to the winners of certain games.

If your children don’t want to leave the house, or if you live somewhere where the weather makes outdoor play difficult during certain months, video games may actually come in handy.  Trade in the XBox for a Nintendo Wii and purchase some of the great motion games available for the system.  Wii Fit, Raving Rabbits TV Party, and Wii Sports Resort are only a few of the fun and exciting titles that will keep kids moving without ever letting them in on the fact that they are actually exercising.

Motivating children to exercise shouldn’t be a lesson in futility.  Give up on the notion of pushing workouts and instead try to focus on fun activities that keep your children moving.  The right activities will provide their own motivation, and will keep your children exercising and having a blast with little provocation on your part.

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