How To Heal Bikini Rash Fast

Razor burn.  Bikini rash.  Barber’s itch.  No matter what you call it, it is still the same.  A series of red, itchy bumps that form along the bikini line shortly after shaving. So what can you do to prevent this, and what can you do to cure it once it has already happened?

To help prevent bikini rash, it is important not to pull on the skin when you shave.  This rash is essentially caused by ingrown hairs, and pulling the skin while shaving causes the hairs to pop out and retract, turning away from the pore opening.  Always shave in the direction of hair growth rather than away from it, use shaving gel, and avoid close shaves and you can help prevent bikini rash from forming.

If you already have bikini rash, there is plenty that you can do to soothe it and help it heal.  For gentle soothing, consider the use of Aloe Vera gel or lotion.  This will help to ease the discomfort, itching, or pain that the rash can cause.  Another great idea is simply to soak in a warm bath.  Hydrocortisone cream will help reduce redness and soothe the area, while the mild steroids in the cream will help it to heal quickly. 


A great natural remedy for bikini rash is to use good old fashioned witch hazel on the rash.  Soak a cotton wool pad liberally in witch hazel and gently dab on affected areas, then allow to dry.  It may sting a bit, but this is the quickest way to soothe and heal bikini rash.  Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and antiseptic, so it will immediately cool down the rash and reduce redness, while its natural antiseptic properties will kill bacteria and help the rash heal fast.  At under a buck a bottle from any pharmacy, this is by far the cheapest option to heal bikini rash.

Most importantly, you want to keep the bikini rash dry.  This will allow it to heal.  Do not shave the area until the rash has healed completely to keep the problem from being exacerbated, and when it is healed, follow the tips above to keep it from forming again.

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