How to Help an Overweight Child Lose Weight

Weight loss is not often something parents focus on discussing with their children, but with more kids being labeled as overweight and obese each year, it has become an important area of discussion.  Children are often not aware that what they eat has a direct impact not only on what they look like, but also on their health.  The first step for a parent to take is to educate their child on the health risks of being overweight.


From there, it can be helpful to incorporate weight loss strategies for the child into their daily routine.  These tips can help ensure children who are obese to reclaim their life.


* Exercise through sports is often too difficult for obese children, but finding ways to get activity is a must.  Walking is a good option because it is slow and less physically demanding.  Swimming is another good option, and exercises the whole body.  Try to get at least 30 minutes in each day of physical exercise.


* Eat a healthy diet.  As hard as it is to do so, parents need to remove the “junk” food from the house and add more fruits and vegetables to the shelves.  If non-healthy foods remain in the home, the message isn’t clear to the child and the children will be easily tempted.  Parents are an example, even with what they eat, so it’s important the child sees the parents eating healthily.

* Finally, focus on making it a lifestyle change for the whole family.  Do it together to succeed, which will make eating healthy a normal part of your child’s life.


Children are no different from adults when it comes to addiction to foods and inactivity.  However, through weight loss, children who are obese can live longer, healthier lives.  

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