How to Keep Your Kids Cold Free This Year

Cold season is always a stressful time of year, especially for parents.  Kids are very likely to catch the common cold from school, friends, or any other public setting such as a playground or shopping mall.  Today, we will look at five tips to help you keep your little ones from getting sick this year.


Keep Them Hydrated
Hydration is a great way to keep the body’s defenses operating at their best, and when you offer drinks such as orange juice, which is packed with Vitamin C, you can help prevent colds in your children.  Healthy fruit juice is always a great option if they dislike drinking plain water.


Feed them Well
Nutrition is always important, and there are many foods that are great for cold prevention.  Add in extra servings of fruits and veggies at every meal, and ensure that your kids are taking in lots of nutrients to keep their bodies in top cold fighting condition.


Take Extra Vitamins
Vitamins are especially helpful during cold season.  Offering zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a vitamin supplement formulated for children each morning can keep kids as healthy as possible.


Teach Them To Wash Often
Hand washing is an essential part of preventing the common cold.  Teach your kids to wash their hands whenever they use the bathroom, before eating, and after playing with friends.


Sanitizer Religiously
Hand sanitizer is great for eliminating cold germs whenever you cannot wash.  A small container of fruit scented sanitizer in their lunchbox or backpack will enable them to keep their hands germ free after playing with shared toys or making contact with others.


Keeping your kids healthy can be easy when you follow these tips!

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