How To Look 10 Years Younger Naturally

A few small changes can make a huge difference in your appearance.  You may not have a time machine to take you back a decade, or be able to afford a personal trainer to fight the flab, but you can use the next best thing: personal effort. 


Here are the top 10 ways to look 10 years younger naturally.


10. Limit Alcohol Consumption


Too much alcohol over a long period of time basically pickles you from the inside out.  Beyond the fact that you are at greater risk for liver and pancreatic diseases, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes, abusing alcohol takes its toll on your appearance as well.  Cut down on your daily consumption and you will be on your way to a more vibrant look.


9.  Drink lots of Water


Every cell of our body needs water to function.  Even more, nutrients vitamins and minerals all dissolve in water and are transferred to various parts of our body to be absorbed.  Plus, water keeps our cells saturated and looking plump and supple.


8. Moisturize


Moisturizer can literally take years off your look by plumping up your skin and making wrinkles fill out.  Moisturizing locks in liquid keeping your skin looking smooth.  At the drugstore, look for a facial moisturizer containing at least SPF 15 to help reduce the appearance of age spots and sun spots.


7. Have Good Relationships


Happy people are less stressed.  Less stressed people live longer and look younger.  Cortisol is a damaging hormone that is released when we are angry and anxious.  If you have good relationships in your life, you can limit this damage and looks years younger.


6. Stop Smoking


We all know the dangers of smoking.  Yellow teeth, wrinkled skin and bad breath is unattractive even in an otherwise good looking person.  Improve your looks and save years of your life by ditching this expensive addiction.


5. Get a Haircut


Getting your hair cut or styled is a simple way to look younger.  Careful to not overdo it – a fifty year old person with a teenage ‘do’ will come off as either ridiculous or creepy.


4. Diet


A proper diet filled with healthy vitamin-rich foods will keep your body healthy and vibrant.  Stick to a large amount of vegetables and proteins.  Limit your fat intake and try to eat only complex carbs.  Take sugar out of your diet wherever you find it.  Before you know it you’ll look and feel younger.


3. Exercise


Get rid of those love handles and firm up your butt.  Young people have good bodies and the older we get the more gravity takes a hold on us.  Exercise can almost turn the clock backwards by keeping your body in shape.


2. Drink Wine


Wine is number two on our list because it is the most fun!  Although you shouldn’t overdo it, a glass of this miracle fermented grape juice per day can do wonders.  The antioxidants found in red wine helps keep your skin clear and bright.


1. Sleep


Sleep is the main time our body repairs itself from the day’s damage.  If you don’t get proper sleep, you will age dramatically faster than if you did.  Sleep helps keep your stress levels low and your energy levels high.  Try to get at least eight hours of shut eye per night. If that is impossible, then you can catch up on the weekends or take a small nap in the middle of the day.


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