How to Lose Weight if You Have an Injury

For those suffering from an injury that makes exercise difficult, weight loss can be a significantly difficult thing to achieve.  After all, how are you supposed to achieve weight loss if you have a hard time with even simple movements?  Thankfully, there is good news.  Those suffering from injuries can find targeted exercise options that will result in weight loss and better overall fitness.


First, you need to consult with the doctor treating your injury about exercise options before you do anything.  Your doctor should be your first source of information here.  Second, you need to consider what you can do without aggravating your injury, but still promoting weight loss.


Often, you will find that sitting down is the best way to exercise.  You can actually achieve weight loss while sitting, but you will need to work a bit harder at it.  Often, free weights are the ideal solution here.  By using free weights from a sitting or prone position, you can encourage weight loss in your body through exercise, without adding further strain to an injured leg or back.


Boxing routines can also be good for those with a lower body injury, though these will need to be simple routines with little footwork involved, at least at first.


If you have injured your arms, consider doing something simple like squats.  This weight loss option does not require that you use any additional weights – you simply squat and rise, working your thighs, legs and back.


The most important tip is that you give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to encourage weight loss as well as healing of your injury. 


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