How to Raise a Strong and Independent Son

Every man wants a lasting legacy – a memorable impact on this Earth when they are gone.  Having children is the best way to leave your character, values, and even a biological part of yourself behind to impact and influence the world after you leave. 


A man’s bond with his son can be one of the strongest relationships in the world; many religions are based upon this type of connection.  Raising a strong and independent son is a life goal for most fathers.  If you want your son to emulate what it means to be a good man, you must actively and constantly instill a personal set of ethics within him. 


Here, you can learn how to raise a morally resilient and independent son.


5. Discipline Him

Discipline is the foundation that helps a person make the right decisions.  Discipline in this sense does not mean punishment, it means being both mentally and physically disciplined enough to tackle whatever life throws at them.  A properly disciplined child will respect authority because he knows the rules governing a society and the reasons why they exist.  He will also understand the subtle social and familial roles that play between any group of people.


Discipline encourages patience to wait your turn, to push yourself one step further and jump one inch higher than all the rest.  It also promotes true manners, helping a child understand why it’s important to respect and appreciate others.  Leisure is earned through hard work and can be valued appropriately.


4. Teach Him


A good father is a good mentor, whether it be elementary school mathematics or changing the brakes of a car to save money by avoiding the auto mechanic.  You are your son’s biggest role model and he will imitate your character.  If you properly guide him by making every opportunity a learning experience, he will grow up as a well-versed and multi-talented individual.


3. Support Him


Your son is not you.  Although he may have similar physical features and moral values, he has an independent and free thinking personality.  You should guide his actions, but once you show him the path, he must venture down it on his own.


The best way to show that you trust your child is to support his decisions.  You’ve done everything you can to lead him, but when it’s his time to rely on his own choices, stand behind him as a supporting father and don’t be tempted to try to help out or to shoulder any of his responsibilities.


2. Challenge Him


Love is not pampering or spoiling.  I know, you want your son to be happy and enjoy things you didn’t have as a child.  However, it’s the challenges and obstacles a person experiences in life that really makes him grow.


You should push your son to excel in things that are important to you both.  However, challenging does not mean forcing your child either.  You can challenge your son by encouraging him to play an instrument, or join a sports team. 


1. Express Your Love


Men typically have a hard time expressing affection.  However, it’s important to physically and emotionally show your love whenever possible.  Spending time with your son, defending him when he’s right, sacrificing work to watch his basketball game etc are all symbols of love that he is sure to appreciate.


Express your love to others around you as well.  You want your son to respect others and there is no better way than to lead by example. Love (or at least respect) his mother.  Show kindness to family members and friends, always be polite and grateful to waiters and store workers, and show strength and humility in your chosen field of work.


In the end, you want your son to build upon your strengths and continue your legacy through himself.  Properly guiding him to be strong and independent is not easy by any means.  However with the right balance of values and proper guidance, your son really can grow up to be anything he dreams to be.


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