How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home

Acrylic nails offer temporary beauty and can serve a functional purpose if you have weak or unsightly nails, or if you are tired of paying for a weekly manicure.  However, they do have to be removed after a few weeks of being applied.  Many women choose to return to the nail salon to remove them, but you can actually take off acrylic nails at home to save money.


You Will Need:


Acetone polish remover

Petroleum jelly

A nail buffer

Nail clippers

2 small bowls

Olive oil




The first step is to find a well ventilated work area, such as your kitchen table or a desk near a window.  Removing acrylic nails does require you sit near a source of fresh air, as the fumes generated can be quite strong.  Make sure that you cover the area with plastic or newspaper. 


Next, cut the acrylic nails as close to your fingertips as you can, which will make the removal process a bit simpler.


You can now fill a bowl with acetone to prepare to soak your nails in it.  Before you put your hands in the bowl, coat the skin on your fingers around your nails with petroleum jelly to keep it from being affected. 

To dissolve the glue and remove your acrylic nails, you need to soak your nails for about fifteen to twenty minutes in the bowl.  Have all of your nails completely submerged to ensure the chemical dissolves.  Don’t put more of your finger than your nail if you can help it – and certainly don’t stick your whole hand in the chemical is it will wreck havoc on your skin.


Once done, gently peel the acrylic nails off.  If they do not peel well, simply soak them for a bit longer.  When the acrylic nails have been removed, wash your hands well under running water, buff your nails to remove any glue residue, and use lotion to replace lost moisture in your skin. 


As a finishing touch, soak your natural nails in a small bowl of warm olive oil for 3 minutes afterward to start to repair any damage done by the nail glue.  Olive oil is a natural nail and cuticle conditioner, and will coat and moisturize your nails, making them stronger.  When done, wash your hands well with soap and warm water and towel dry.

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