How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

Procrastinating is a problem that many different people suffer from.  Even some of the seemingly most productive people procrastinate about certain things.  If you find that you keep putting off job duties, work around the house and errands, then these helpful tips will give you the chance to stop procrastinating right now (instead of later).


Step Back and Think Why


One important tip is to take a closer look at why you are procrastinating in the first place.  Are you overwhelmed?  Do you feel that you are inadequate to the task and are procrastinating about it to avoid failure?  Identifying the reason for your hesitation can be a valuable first step.


Break Up the Task


Next, consider breaking up large tasks or projects into smaller pieces.  Often, you will find yourself procrastinating about projects when they simply seem too large to accomplish all at once.  Breaking them down into steps will help you make progress. You may have been putting off cleaning your house for months, but if you simply promise yourself you’ll clean one room each weekend, you’ll find that your house gets clean fast.


Segment Your Time


If you’re procrastinating because you dislike the job at hand, you can also break up your time to help stop procrastinating.  Allot a specific amount of time to accomplish a certain amount of work, followed by a break doing something else.  For instance, you might clean the house for an hour, and then change projects for another hour’s worth of work doing something you enjoy, such as painting or gardening.


Use an Organizer


Using an organizer can also help you stop procrastinating.  You can get one at any office supply store.  Writing down your tasks, duties and chores in an organized fashion and scheduling out days on which you will do certain things can give you the means to stay productive and organized.  Share your goals with your friends and family, and ask them to help you enforce them.


Set a Deadline


Giving yourself a deadline to complete projects is also a good way to stop procrastinating.  However, you need to use short-term deadlines, as longer deadlines lend themselves to procrastination quite well.  If necessary, use hourly deadlines for project steps.  Deny yourself a treat such as a movie you’ve been looking forward to until you’ve done the job, then enjoy your treat as your own reward.


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