How to Tell if He Has a Crush on You
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Even the greatest love stories start with a simple exchange of looks – that accidental bump or touch in a crowded room, and that exciting, jittery feeling called “a crush.”  Having a crush transcends all ages and race, and it can happen anywhere – at a singles bar, on a crowded supermarket, even on an online dating site.  Whether you’re 10, 25 or 90, you can’t escape that first initial spark – unwanted or not – and whether you admit it or not, you know you enjoy having that constantly-elated feeling that comes with the territory.


Men and women show their emotions differently.  However, girls tend to enjoy the feeling of having a crush more.  Girls often want to know if their crush has mutual feelings.  Needless to say, the male psyche can be hard to comprehend, so a little observation and understanding will help a lot.


Here are five simple ways to tell whether or not he has a crush on you.


Sign #1 – It’s All in the Eyes


He has a crush on you when his eyes give it away.  This sounds like a tricky one to fathom, but it’s true that the eyes are the window to the soul.  Men, as complicated as they may be, tend to show their real emotion through their eyes.  Some guys may get shy and look away or down as soon as your eyes meet, while the more bold amongst us love to stare at a girl they have a crush on, to the extent that it gets uncomfortable for the girl!


Sign #2 – He Keeps in Touch (Even When he Doesn’t Need to)


He has a crush on you when he’s always around and is always in touch.  He contacts you at least once a day, and you talk about anything and everything.  He’s an open book to you and is eager to talk.  You’ll get a text from him regularly, and you only need to wait a minute before he replies to your text.  He shows up to your door faster than you can finish getting ready to go out.  If you ask a favor, you’ll always get an automatic “yes.”


Sign #3 – He Gives You Things

He has a crush on you when he’s extra nice and does favors for you.  He brings you food, offers to drive your car so you can have a drink in the evenings, he even gives you random gifts.  He’s the perfect gentleman and goes the extra mile just to make you feel comfortable.  He even treats all your friends and your family nicely, being polite and behaving properly.  If he exerts this much effort, then there is no doubt he has a massive crush on you.


Sign #4 – He Acts Differently Around You


He has a crush on you when his body language changes around you.  His eyes light up at the sight of you.  He may even begin to stutter, blush or talk very fast.  This only goes to show how excited he is when talking to a girl he has a crush on.  He smiles back a wide grin when you smile at him, and you can definitely see an aura of lightness and happiness when he sees you.  (Handy hint – if his greeting smile is closed-mouthed when he first see you, unless he had bad teeth that he’s trying to hide, he’s not interested).


Sign #5 – He Goes All-Out to Impress You


He has a crush on you when he does something that he knows will impress you.  This one is a classic among guys.  When a guys has a crush on a girl, they will pull all the stops to get noticed.  They will wear the best clothes, drive by with the best looking car, and show off with their money or skills.  
Some say having a crush is for little kids, but isn’t falling in love for everyone?  Having a crush is your first step to an exciting love story.  Girls, be in the lookout for these five tips; you never know if the next guy you’ll meet may actually have a crush on you, so don’t be shy about reciprocating if your crush shows all of these five signs!

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