How to Win Your Ex Back

Breakups can be hard to deal with, and at some point in our lives we all make mistakes.  If you have previously let someone go, only to realize that they were the love of your life or that you were the one with the problem, finding a way to get them back is important.  If you are trying to win back your ex, the following tips can help.

Decide if They Really Are ‘The One’


Before you start on a quest to win back your former flame, it is important to be sure that they are really ‘the one.’  Don’t run back to them out of loneliness, and be certain that you aren’t going to break their heart (and yours) all over again.  If your ex is really the one for you, take the time to tell them so in person, or via a heartfelt letter.  Be honest, apologize for your mistake, and be sensitive to any requests they may make.


Understand Their Reservations


Understand that your ex may have reservations about getting back together.  You may need to start by simply going on a date to a coffee shop, or even by spending time together as friends as part of a larger group at the movies or at a ball game.  Be patient, and let things move on their terms.  If you try to force things, you may scare them off and be labeled as obsessive or needy.

Don’t Try to Break Up Their New Relationship


If your ex has already found someone new, breaking the new couple up is certainly not the best move, and may compound the hurt or even make an enemy of your beau’s new partner – which you certainly don’t want.  Even if it hurts that your partner is dating someone new, you will need to try to ignore that pain and work steadily on improving your friendship.  Let your ex realize that things are different on their own time, don’t be pushy.  If you’re meant to be together, their current relationship won’t be permanent anyway.

Keep Communication Open


If you want your relationship back and for things to be the way they used to, communicate that to your ex-partner.  Help them understand your point of view and see what you can do to get them back on the same page.  Don’t stalk or annoy them, but also don’t let them be “the one that got away.”

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