How Your Diet Can Improve the Look of Your Hair

Healthy hair relies on a good diet in order to enhance its natural texture and shine.  Strengthening your hair follicles can keep your mane in good condition.  Dry or damaged hair can be repaired through a well-balanced diet that incorporates a variety of foods.


Vitamin B can prevent hair loss and is found in many foods such as eggs, milk, bananas and bread.  For a healthier scalp, consume Vitamin A in foods such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, squash, bell peppers, collard greens and sweet potatoes.

When you begin consuming these vitamins, you will experience less breakage and more growth.  With the right diet, the health of your hair will improve. 


Water is the main source of hydration for the body.  It not only improves the appearance of your skin, but it also makes your hair look and feel more healthy.  Dried out hair can look brittle and dull, while fully hydrated locks will be soft and bouncy. 


A larger amount of protein in your diet will also improve your hair’s overall condition.  Many foods contain protein such as nuts, beans, fish and meats.  A healthy diet can reinvigorate your hair so that it’s silkier and full of life.


Iron deficiencies can lead to a reduction in hair growth.  It is important that you eat iron-rich foods such as seafood, red meat, tofu, whole grains, liver and dried fruits to combat this problem. 

Your diet can dramatically affect the condition of your hair.  A healthy diet can improve your hair’s overall appearance in a positive way.

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