Is Fasting a Good Way to Achieve Lasting Weight Loss?

If you haven’t been able to shed those unwanted pounds, chances are good that you have considered fasting.  However, fasting is a controversial method for quick weight-loss, and could pose more health problems in the long run, as well as the weight gained right back.

Fasting, or the act of not eating for a specified period of time, has been around for a very long time.  However, it has not traditionally been used as a means to attain weight loss.  Rather, it’s been practiced as a religious tool, a way of raising money for a cause through ‘Sponsored Fasts,’ and as a means of protesting.


As a weight loss tool, fasting can be valuable.  However, it is not the only thing that you need to do.  By fasting for a specified period of time, you can shed pounds, but you must understand that this is unhealthy and your body will not be happy with you. 


Rapid weight loss is usually not a good thing and it will make your body panic, thinking that you are in the middle of a famine!   When you start eating again, your body will gain weight quicker and in greater amounts because you have now ‘programmed’ it to expect more famines.  You’ll often end up weighing more than you did before your fast!  It’s a far better idea to lose weight slowly than to drop a large amount in a very short time.


In addition, fasting robs your body of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for proper health.  It can be used for weight loss, but it should never be used alone.  Instead, combine limited fasting with a healthy diet and a good workout regimen.  Your weight loss, while slower, will be more substantial and longer lasting. 


Fasting alone cannot provide you with the benefits, even if it works for a short-term period (at the expense of your long-term health).  Consult your doctor if you are considering adding fasting to your weight loss program.

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