Is ‘Natural Advantage’ From Jane Seymour a Good Skincare Product?

Name-branded skin care products seem to be all the rage lately, with many different celebrities releasing their own lines at the drugstore.  Some of these have turned out to be problematic, while others have been a success.  How does Natural Advantage by Jane Seymour stack up?


First, Natural Advantage is a full set of cleaning and skin care products, designed to help you clean, protect and beautify your skin.  The active ingredient in all three products in the set is retinol, which encourages the growth and development of new collagen in the skin.  This is a traditional wrinkle fighter, and can be found in numerous other products.


Natural Advantage is actually effective, with most women noticing results in about six weeks.  However, the problem is in the size of the containers.  The nighttime cream only contains about half an ounce of the product, which is far too little to last for the two months that it takes for retinol to begin working.  Therefore, you’ll go through more than $40 of Natural Advantage to see any results.

A number of customers have also developed a rash from using Natural Advantage.  This is likely due to the retinol, as skin irritation is a regular side effect for this ingredient.  However, very few other side effects have been reported, other than spending far more money than most people would like.


All in all, Natural Advantage is a very basic skin care product, with no real edge over the competition.  When you consider the cost of regular reorders, there are better options out there for your needs.

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