Is there a Connection Between Debt and Obesity?

Billions of people worldwide struggle with weight loss.  However, in developed societies, obesity might actually be linked to money – or rather, a lack of money.  Specifically, it seems that debt and low income have a connection to weight gain and obesity. 

There is certainly a connection between poverty and weight problems.  For instance, families with a low income cannot afford to eat healthy meals, despite what the media would have us believe.  Often, it is far more expensive to purchase "healthy" foods, as opposed to unhealthy, prepackaged meal options.  With most families on a tight budget these days, paying extra for organic or low fat foods is simply not an option. 


In addition, time is also often a factor.  Poor families often have parents who work two jobs and are rarely at home.  The children of these families gain weight because meal options are limited to unhealthy foods or fast foods that can be prepared and consumed quickly.


Another connection between debt and weight is stress.  The more debt you have, the higher your stress level will be.  This affects your weight by forcing your body to produce more cortisol, which is responsible for storing more fat and increasing your body weight.  Comfort eating is also something that happens when you are under stress.  Weight is gained by eating unhealthy "comfort" foods that make you feel better, but do not make you any healthier.


In addition, some studies have shown that poorer people tend to have more sedentary pastimes and hobbies, which also helps to add weight to their bodies. They also tend to stay home more often rather than going out in a bid to save money – for instance, watching a movie on TV rather than walking into town to go to the cinema.  All this is chipping into the time they spend being active each day.


As you can see, there is a definite connection between debt and weight problems – getting out of debt might be the best thing that you do for your physical health, as well as your financial situation.

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