Is Wheat Gluten Bad For Your Health?

We live in an increasingly health conscious society.  Grocery stores and restaurants alike are making the push toward promoting healthier diet choices, and as more people become aware of Celiac disease, the number of gluten free offerings is increasing as well. 


The question many people have is what exactly wheat gluten is, and whether or not it is healthy for people without Celiac disease.

Ideally, the wheat gluten as a natural ingredient in the wheat in your breads and other foods is perfectly fine.  In large quantities, wheat gluten can interfere with calcium absorption, but as part of a whole grain pasta or bread, there is no harm at all in eating gluten as long as you are not sensitive to it. 


Be careful about eating too many foods with added wheat gluten, however, which many bread makers and bakers do to give the bread a little bit of extra “spring.”

If you eat a lot of wheat, barley, or rye and find that you often suffer from diarrhea, fatigue, or irritable bowel and gas problems, you may want to consider whether you are sensitive to wheat gluten.  This sensitivity is being diagnosed more and more often, and cutting out excess wheat gluten is all that it takes to help stop these symptoms. 


For those without Celiac disease, or sensitivity to gluten, the ingredient can be digested with little problem, making it easy to get plenty of whole grains in your diet.  If you are sensitive to wheat gluten, however, it may be time to look into alternative foods so that you can get your health back on track.

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